Philosophy & Psychology in Dialogue: Aalborg, Denmark

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Magnus Englander, Marc Applebaum

Magnus Englander, Susi Ferrarello, and Marc Applebaum collaborated in presenting a panel, “Phenomenological Research: Philosophy and Psychology in Dialogue” at the 32nd annual International Human Science Research Conference in Aalborg, Denmark.

Englander’s presentation was his reflection as a qualitative psychological researcher on philosophical proposals to phenomenologically “frontload” empirical experiments. He addressed philosophers Shaun Gallagher and Dan Zahavi’s philosophical engagements with empirical science, considering the ways in which qualitative science has been left out of the conversation. He explored Amedeo Giorgi’s writings about the limitations of experimental psychology, and explored the implications of the idea of “naturalizing phenomenology.”

Susi Ferrarello August 2013Ferrarello’s talk addressed Edmund Husserl’s understanding of validity in the sciences, drawing on Husserl’s Ideas volumes I-III. She addressed the meaning of the eidos in the context of the sciences,”regional ontologies” in Husserl’s thought, and the overall relationship of the empirical sciences to eidetic science, addressing the comparison of “experiencing intuition” and “eidetic intuition” in Husserlian phenomenology.

Applebaum’s talk–slides posted below–was a reflection on the relationship between phenomenological philosophy and phenomenological psychology through the lens of Aristotle’s  discussion of the relationship of sophia to phronesis in the Nichomachean Ethics.

Applebaum (2013) interrelationship of phenomenological philosophy & psychology from Marc Applebaum

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