Metodo: International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy 10(2) “On History”

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Joseph Cohen and Raphael Zagury-Orly’s introductory essay in Metodo: International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy 10(2) “On History” begins:

“The question of history—its inherent rational, intentional, teleological, eschatological development—has, at least since Hegel, constituted a central focus of philosophical questioning and scholarship. Indeed, contemporary philosophy persistently returns to the necessity of questioning history and the possibility of furnishing for historical events, both past and future, a coherent and unifed narrative of signifcation. In this issue, we shall question how has history been approached in and through philosophy? Why is philosophy so evidently concerned with history and consequently engaged in the task of explicating a signifed narrative of historical events for our historical consciousness? In which manner does philosophical discourse purport a coherent horizon of meaning for our history through which could be proposed norms for the possibility of human action in our history?”

They have kindly provided links to the full issue:
On History
Joseph Cohen and Raphael Zagury-Orly
The Judgment of History
Christophe Bouton (University of Bordeaux)
Time and Revolution
Guelfo Carbone (University of Rome 3)
The Varieties of Historical Experience
David Carr (Emory University)
Futurités de l‘être: entre le ‘mourir’ et le ‘vivre’ de l‘autre. Note sur Heidegger et Jonas
Joseph Cohen (University College Dublin)
Lyotard. The End of metanarratives and the memory of the Algerian War
Cedric Cohen-Skalli (University of Haifa)
The question of History in Jan Patocka’s Heretical Essays
Nicolas de Warren (Penn State University)
Reflection and Historicity
James Dodd (New School of Social Research)
History of survivors and history as countertime
Orietta Ombrosi (University of Rome Sapienza)
On ecological apocalypse. Biodegradation, Quantum Erasure, World.
Georgios Tsagdis (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Dare forma alla mente. Archeologia cognitiva e filosofia della storia
Nicola Turrini (University of Verona)
Interroger l‘Histoire. Ecouter les spectres
Raphael Zagury-Orly (Institut Catholique de Paris)

Fare critica con la fenomenologia

Osservazioni su E. Magrì & P. McQueen (eds.). Critical Phenomenology. An Introduction

Elena Billwiller (University of Padova)

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