Tanaka’s blog on the phenomenology of embodiment

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Shogo Tanaka’s site Embodied Knowledge, with which I’ve just become acquainted, approaches the philosophy and psychology of embodiment through the lens of Husserl and Merleau-Ponty’s phenomenology. Tanaka teaches at Tokai University in Japan, and he is particularly interested in the dialogue between phenomenological philosophy and empirical sciences such as “neuroscience, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc.” The blog contains extensive working notes and scholarly references on a range of issues including depersonalization, sense of agency, and theory of mind. He presented a paper in 2011 at the International Human Science Research Conference in Oxford discussing phenomenology’s theory of mind–particularly relevant for those of us interested in the phenomenological psychological study of empathy.



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  1. As a professor in arts- and cultural education for artez university of arts, i am doing research on the position of, the tools for, and the impact of a possible ‘new’ kind of dance teacher (pedagogics & didactics). In this respect the relation body -knowledge is very importent.